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CloverVent AS is a company that delivers heat pumps and indoor climate solutions. The company was established in 2019 by Hans Ingvar Romsloe and Johnny Fylkesnes. Then Atle Urdal joined. Our goal is to develop new heat pumps that can fill the market where there are other needs and desires than solutions that are already delivered today.

Private market

For ordinary houses and apartments, we have developed a heat pump without a conventional outdoor unit. Energy from the outdoor air is obtained through air ducts to the heat pump unit. Hot or cold air is also distributed from the heat pump unit around the house to those rooms that may need heating or cooling. In other words, you get a hidden facility.

It´s easiest to add ducts to the facility when building the house or apartment, but it is also possible to retrofit these. The heat pump unit itself can be located in a technical room, in a cold attic or in a basement. The unit is also soundproofed and can barely be heard.

If the CloverVent heat pump unit is in the same room or in the vicinity of drafts from any ventilation system - one can use the temperate air from the exhaust air to the CloverVent heat pump so that it has an even better efficiency.

A heat exchanger for water is also located in the CloverVent heat pump. It is placed so that one can heat, for example tap water. Preheating water can be heated both when the CloverVent unit is in heating mode or cooling mode.


For industry, we deliver similar solutions as compact plants as for the private market - only on a larger scale. Here it is also possible to make the system portable with its own frames with lifting lugs. One can use facilities on construction sites with flexible supply air ducts, but also in station halls and buildings. The system can be run in both heating and cooling mode.


Our goal is to connect with professional dealers both in Norway and abroad. In Norway, we are looking for plumbers, ventilation contractors and developers, etc.

There is no requirement for an F-gas certificate for installation of the CloverVent systems.



We have established connections in Denmark and England for the distribution of CloverVent facilities.


About Our Company

Our team


Hans Ingvar Romsloe


Johnny Fylkesnes

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