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Portable unit

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Clovervent tilsluttet tørkehall for pres
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Rooftop unit



Panels and frame are made from metal steel protected with polyester powder painting to ensure total resistance to atmospheric agents.

Direct expansion coils with condensate drain tray.

Hermetic compressor

High efficiency scroll compressor for the whole range, with built-in thermal overload cut-out and crankcase heater, mounted on rubber vibration dampers.

Ripple type acoustic insulation for compressor section, and thermal insulation for coil and fan section, low noise.

Centrifugal fan

Forward curve centrifugal fans for air treatment section and axial fans for condensation section.

Front, side and underside air discharge of the treatment unit.

High external pressure, long air supply distance.

Electric panel

Electric panel consists of breakers and contactors for compressors and fan motors, phase sequence relay and other necessary protection devices for the main components.

Easy operation line controller:

Cooling/Heating//Auto Error indication Timing On/Off


Economizer with fresh, return air dampers and fresh air hood

Free cooling function for low ambient temperature.

Low ambient control device for operation of outdoor units at ambient temperatures from less than 20°C down to -10°C.

BMS devices

T3 (Tropical climate) Condenser coil guard Roof curb

Metal / aluminum filter

Air pressure switch for indoor fan

High static condenser fan option with sealed + drain condensing section

Optional water heating coil

Metal or plastic mesh on condenser coil Optional supply / return air configurations Upgraded evaporator fan motor drives. G4 filter, plate and bag filter.

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